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And Moses said unto him, Enviest thou for my sake? Would God that all the LORD’S people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them! (Numbers 11:29, emphasis added).

Welcome! It’s no accident that you’re reading this book right now. You’re here by divine appointment. A supernatural anointing is on this manuscript that I believe will take you to an all-new level in your understanding of prophecy. I wrote this book with the goal of teaching you prophetic principles that will enable you to navigate the realm of the spirit with supernatural precision.

Every born-again believer that is filled with the Holy Ghost can supernaturally prophesy! This book is designated for people with a strong, innate desire to grow prophetically. I believe that my wilderness training, experience, and knowledge in this area will serve you well in developing your own God-given prophetic DNA. As you read this book, you will benefit from my years of success and failure related to the ministry of the prophet. I am truly passionate about training prophets and equipping prophetic people; those individuals who are not necessarily called to be prophets but can operate in the gift of prophecy.

The Lord has graciously opened doors, enabling me to teach all over the world. In my travels, I’ve been greatly disturbed by the lack of knowledge concerning identity among prophets. Many don’t seem to have a revelation of who they are in Him. Fear stands out as one of the biggest obstacles when they attempt to operate in their true prophetic natures. In fact, the enemy uses this as a primary tool to shut the mouths of prophetic people. Satan’s done one heck of a job keeping them silent, especially in the church. There are probably few things the devil enjoys more than putting and keeping his hand over the mouths of God’s prophets. It’s time to take his crusty mitts off your lips and begin to declare what God is saying! It’s truly the season to cry loud and spare not (see Isaiah 58:1)!

One of my objectives is to demystify the prophetic. Many don’t flow in prophecy because they don’t fully comprehend it, which breeds fear. My greatest desire is to bring clarity to your calling, understanding to your conditioning (the process), and manifestation of your commissioning. This is one of the most prevalent mandates from the Lord upon my life. When you have a clear view of who you are, you can function in your gift with confidence. I’m not referring to your own, natural confidence but to the Lord’s supernatural confidence.

My sincere hope is that you’ll develop the ability to hear God for yourself. This will benefit you when a prophet is unavailable and you need a word from the Lord. My prayer is that this book will continue to “speak” to you long after I’m gone. I believe this manuscript will shift, train, educate, and reset you.

I’ll start by explaining how every born-again, Holy-Ghost-filled believer can prophesy, and then we’ll discuss basic prophetic protocols and the office of the prophet. I’ll conclude with an informative treatise on what a prophetic people and church should look like. I want to put my years of experience in the palm of your hand or electronic device, at the ready whenever needed. Let’s go!