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What an exciting time to be alive! God’s Word is being declared around the world, and more and more people are moving in prophetic ministry. The subjects of prophets, prophecy, and worship are coming to the forefront of the church. I believe this is a move of the Holy Spirit to release miracles and breakthroughs in the lives of His people.

A growing number of prophetic scribes are also writing on the subject. John Veal is one of those scribes. The subject matter in this book will add to an increasing knowledge of prophets and prophecy. God is stirring his authors to impart knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to the church. I believe the subject of prophecy needs to be understood if we are to experience the blessings of this amazing manifestation of the Spirit.

John shares from a wealth of experience. He gives his personal testimony and how he developed in prophetic ministry. This book is more than theory and includes relatable experiences to help you understand the process that many prophetic people go through before they fully step out into prophetic ministry. You might identify with some of his experiences in your own life as you read this book.

Churches need to implement proper prophetic protocol when ministering to people. Many today have genuine gifts but lack the proper training to release what God gives them. This book deals with prophetic etiquette, including simple steps that you can learn that will help you make any adjustments in this area. We must operate in excellence if we expect the Word of the Lord to be received.

Prophecy is more than giving someone information. Prophecy can release miracles, healing, and deliverance. Prophecy is supernatural, which is the focus of this book. We are called to live supernatural lifestyles and should expect to receive supernatural breakthroughs as a result of prophecy. We are called to be supernaturally prophetic.

John also challenges the motives of those who minister. Prophetic abuse can occur anytime the prophetic ministry is emphasized. The enemy loves to hurt and damage people through false prophecy and false prophetic ministries. This is why the process of prophetic development is so important.

Many today are being exposed to the prophetic ministry for the first time. We need a foundational knowledge of this as we must base what we do on the Word of God. We also need practical teaching from those with more experience. Samuel helped train the emerging prophets and was a father to them. As a prophetic father, John has a heart to see sons and daughters taught and properly trained to speak as the oracles of God.

He has a love and vision for the church where the role of the prophetic is vital. Prophecy is a key to building strong believers and churches. Pastors would do well to study the subject and teach it to their congregations. Prophets and prophetic ministers need to be connected to the local church. All believers are not prophets, but all can be prophetic.

I pray that as you read this book, God will give you a deeper understanding of this subject. As Proverbs tells us, wisdom is the principal thing. Be blessed as you read and study on the subject of being supernaturally prophetic.

John Eckhardt

Overseer of Crusaders Church

Author of more than twenty books, including Prophet Arise, Prophetic Activation, and God Still Speaks.