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The Spirit of God that’s within Prophet John Veal’s pen has
breathed a prophetic masterpiece! Supernaturally Prophetic is
a great book for prophetic training. Practical, applicable, and
impactful is this prophetic work. Every generation is blessed to
have genuine prophetic voices in the midst of them, and we are
blessed with Prophet John Veal. I endorse this book and its contents.
Go pick it up!

Detrick Lamont Gaskins
Author of From the Lord Comes Deliverance
and Restoring Regions

I highly recommend Prophet John Veal’s book Supernaturally
Prophetic as your prophetic guide book, for it brings greater awareness
and clarity for prophets and prophetic people!

This book allows you to glean and learn from someone with
years of acquired experience and knowledge in this realm of supernatural
gifting and positioning in terms of office!

Prophet Veal will take you on a profound course of learning
as you read this book, which highlights his journey as a true
prophet of the Lord! Get the book and let it help you become
prophetically astute!

Sharon Ruff Peters
Author of Teach Me to Pray, Who Hurt the Church, Thoughts
of the Morning, 31 Days of Divine Thinking, The 3F’s That
Make for a Successful Christian, and Help for the Help Meet

Prophet Veal really cracks the seals off of the prophetic in his
book Supernaturally Prophetic. This book will educate you, equip
you, and excite you. Every young prophet and/or those who are
looking to stir up the prophetic gift in their life need to get a copy.
The oil on this word will truly seep into the depths of your spirit as
you feast on its contents.

Joshua Botello
Author of The Samson Code, From Here to There, My
Cup Overfloweth, and Diaries of a Soilshaker

In this dynamic book Supernaturally Prophetic, John Veal
shares a wealth of experience and personal supernatural and prophetic
encounters with God. This book is fully loaded with answers to tough questions concerning prophecy, prophets, and the prophetic ministry in the twenty-first century. He challenges the reader to break the fear of the prophetic and move in the realm of boldness, confidence and assurance in hearing, obeying and responding to the voice of God. Supernaturally Prophetic is not just a book on the prophetic but has the potency to activate the supernatural gift of faith to prophesy that will bring healing, deliverance, transformation, and tremendous breakthroughs.

John Veal is a modern-day accurate prophet and teacher called
to bring reformation, education, and impartation in the Body of
Christ in the areas of the prophetic, spiritual warfare, and deliverance.
He has written a comprehensive study guide that will educate, equip, activate, upgrade, and assist contemporary prophets, prophetic leadership, and believers in the things of the Spirit. The personal supernatural testimonies and revelation contained on these pages by John Veal will make you laugh, cry, and relate to his prophetic process and the making of a prophet.

I highly recommend this literature for anyone who has a
desire to grow in their relationship with the Father and in the
prophetic gift, call, and ministry. After finishing this book,
you will feel empowered, refreshed, equipped, and most of all
Supernaturally Prophetic!

Hakeem Collins
Champions International
Author of Born to Prophesy, Heaven Declares, Prophetic
Breakthrough, and Command Your Healing

Our generation will prophesy! Supernaturally Prophetic is a
wonderful, practical, and very timely prophetic publication. Never
before in history has the Church so needed the prophets of God to
speak up and to speak clearly. This book does that and it tells you
how to do it, with practical examples and inspiring, heartwarming
personal experiences, John Veal carries the heart of the prophetic
for this generation and many to come. This book will add fuel
to your prophetic fire. The world needs this message, and every
person alive needs this book!

Walter V. Williams
Worship Leader
Author of Lifestyle Worship

John Veal has with mastery, skill, and experience written
Supernaturally Prophetic. This book is broken into five books like
the book of Psalms. That is intriguing to me as the psalms speak
of who God is just like John is speaking to who and what the prophetic
is. With Scripture and prophetic experiences, John proves the validity of the prophetic in the twenty-first-century Church. He describes what the prophetic is, how it operates, and how to embrace it. I love this book. Thank you for giving understanding to the prophetic process—great job, Prophet John Veal.

Javon Rahman Bertrand
Author of The Biography of Prophets

Prophet John Veal is a prophet who carries the wisdom of God
in the earth and represents the office of the prophet with boldness,
clarity, and authority. This book is a must-read for all generations.
There is a fresh anointing that flows through every page and provides
readers with information as well as an impartation. You will
receive revelation and will be eager to go after God in a new way.
This book will serve as a resource guide that is much needed like
never before. Supernaturally Prophetic will stir you, activate you, train
you, and release you to hear God for yourself. I highly recommend
this book and encourage you to use it as a resource for
prophetic training.

Sophia Ruffin
Author of From Point Guard to Prophet
and Set Free and Delivered

In 1987, I was called into the prophetic ministry. At that
time, there were few books on how to function in prophetic ministry,
and revelation concerning the prophetic office was nearly
non-existent. Since then, we have had a myriad of books on the
prophetic office and ministry. But very few contain practical and
biblical instructions. That has led to confusion regarding the prophetic
office and ministry. Today, we have many men and women claiming to be prophets who are not, and many false or inaccurate Supernaturally_Prophetic_V4.indd 4 4/20/18 10:34 AM prophetic words being given. Some have tried to address those issues. But to date, few, apart from my friend John Veal in his book Supernaturally Prophetic, provide clear instruction, guidance, and correction. I am grateful for his practical teaching and instruction in Supernaturally Prophetic, especially his teaching and wisdom on prophetic therapy. And I find his book to be on par with those great books I have read on the prophetic office and ministry.

Scott Wallis
Prophet and author of Entering the School of the
Prophets, Plugging into the Spirit of Prophecy, and How
to Know If Your Prophecy Is Really From God

It is with great honor and privilege that I wholeheartedly recommend
this practical and sharp tool in the hands of the Lord
to the prophetic movement and Body of Christ. Writing out of
both experience and revelation, John Veal gives profound keys and
wisdom regarding how to operate in authentic prophetic ministry
and also warns of the potential dangers of moving in prophecy.
John Veal is a trusted prophetic father to this generation and
I’m greatly encouraged that God is now calling him to speak up
and out about prophetic ministry. If you are ready to grow in your
prophetic gifts and be given wisdom and insight as you mature,
start reading now. You will not be disappointed!

Jeremiah Johnson
Founder of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries
Founder and Elder at Heart of the Father Ministry
Author of I See A New Prophetic Generation and The
Micaiah Company: A Prophetic Reformation